Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are the Truth

In light of what is happening with Russian Adoptions, the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCIS) has asked families to celebrate their successes by sharing their adoption stories on their blogs today as part of their “We are the Truth Campaign.”

We are the truth - Grace and I. The truth is a girl in Vietnam made the hardest decision a woman could have to make when she gave up her daughter. The truth is that I am blessed to be Grace's mother and I hope that somehow her birth mom know she is truly loved. She is my rock star. I loved her long before I saw her face. And then I memorized ever detail of her chubby face while I waited to bring her home. It was a bit surreal when we finally met. This is the day I met Grace - December 28, 2006. My girl loves to eat so the bottle was probably a great icebreaker!

The truth is that she is my heart. I love to see her learn new things or try something for the first time. The truth is that she told me no about a hundred times today and she yelled at me when I told her that it was getting dark and when needed to go inside. But I won't remember that tomorrow. What I will remember is how she crawled up in my lap and told me she loved me. I am so blessed to be her mother. That is my truth.

I did not rescue her from life of poverty in Vietnam. She rescued me from a life of ordinary and shows me daily how fortunate I am to be the mother of an extraordinary little girl. Here's Grace holding her referral photo on the third anniversary of her referral.