Thursday, April 15, 2010

We are the Truth

In light of what is happening with Russian Adoptions, the Joint Council on International Children's Services (JCIS) has asked families to celebrate their successes by sharing their adoption stories on their blogs today as part of their “We are the Truth Campaign.”

We are the truth - Grace and I. The truth is a girl in Vietnam made the hardest decision a woman could have to make when she gave up her daughter. The truth is that I am blessed to be Grace's mother and I hope that somehow her birth mom know she is truly loved. She is my rock star. I loved her long before I saw her face. And then I memorized ever detail of her chubby face while I waited to bring her home. It was a bit surreal when we finally met. This is the day I met Grace - December 28, 2006. My girl loves to eat so the bottle was probably a great icebreaker!

The truth is that she is my heart. I love to see her learn new things or try something for the first time. The truth is that she told me no about a hundred times today and she yelled at me when I told her that it was getting dark and when needed to go inside. But I won't remember that tomorrow. What I will remember is how she crawled up in my lap and told me she loved me. I am so blessed to be her mother. That is my truth.

I did not rescue her from life of poverty in Vietnam. She rescued me from a life of ordinary and shows me daily how fortunate I am to be the mother of an extraordinary little girl. Here's Grace holding her referral photo on the third anniversary of her referral.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Who's Your Daddy?

I wrote about this just a bit last post. But this has been a big deal around our house lately. After visiting her friend Reilly and seeing her with her daddy (who is normally at work when we get together) she talks about daddies all the time. Gracie has name everyone's daddy. She starts with friends she sees all the time. Mr. Scott is Reilly's Daddy. Mr. Tony is Emma's daddy. She always has to tell me that Annie's daddy is Mr. Warbucks. It continues until we get to friends we rarely see. Mr. Justin is Lucy's daddy. Gracie has an amazing ability to remember names so this can go on for some time. I wish she would ask about Petunia's daddy. Then we could discuss that her Pop is her daddy just like Gracie's Pappy is her daddy. She came up with that one on her own. While naming people's daddies she said Pappy is my daddy. He was of course elated. She says that Pappy is my daddy, Momma's daddy, Aunt Terri's daddy and Uncle Mitch's daddy. She always comes first but we are just thankful the she includes us! So far I just say that's right and move on.

Let me preface this by saying that I am NOT going to go out daddy shopping. I would never change my decision to adopt Gracie on my own. However this whole revelation makes me so, so sad. She realizes that she is missing out on something. She is only 3 1/2, how will she feel when she there is a father/daughter event at church or school? She has her grandfather, uncles, older cousins who she is close to and love her dearly. They are great role models. But they are not a daddy. I guess I am worried that I am shortchanging her in some way. I hope she doesn't feel that way as she grows up.

This is a downer post but I want to remember this and I hope that someday I can read it and laugh.

We have had an amazing amount of snow this year. I feel like I don't live in the South anymore. It was beautiful falling though.

We enjoyed it at first but are really missing playing in the yard and on the swingset. The ground is just saturated with water after all the snow. Grace is tired of it too. She has to settle for swinging in the gazebo and it just isn't the same.

Crazy girl in the bathtub. I keep threatening to cut her hair off because it is like this alot. She is being very resistent when I try to comb her hair. Not tenderheaded, she's just very busy and doesn't have the time.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diving Back In

Ok I have not posted for three months. Facebook made me lazy. Then when I would think about posting I would just put it off. It had already been so long what did another day make. So this may be a weird, rambling post. But my hope is that if I get that first post done, the others will come easier.

What has Gracie doing? Here are a few things...
  • She has had a tremendous growth spurt. One day I noticed her sleeves and pants were looking too short. It seemed to happen all of the sudden. When I measured her she had grown 2 1/2 inches in 5 months! Grace is now 39 inches tall. I haven't weighed her in a while but I would guess she is between 30-35 lbs.
  • Just before Christmas we went to visit my friend Karen and her daughter Reilly. Reilly's daddy stopped in for about 10 minutes at lunch to pick up something he had forgotten that morning. Scott is normally at work when we visit. Since that day she has had this obsession with daddies. She is always telling me who someone's daddy is or asking me who that person's daddy is. And I mean constantly. Then she'll say "My daddy is Pappy." This is really breaking my heart. I know that she has more fantastic male figures in her life than many little girls and I know she is better off than if she had a "dead beat dad." But it still makes me sad knowing that this is obviously something that she is very, very aware of. I didn't know this day would come so soon.
  • Grace still loves music better than anything. Her favorite toys are her piano, drums, and keyboard. She loved her guitar but it sincerely drove me crazy so I hid it. She sings all the time. She remembers lyrics and sings in tune too.

I don't want to tire myself out on my first post so here are some recent pics I took. She calls this her puppy dog jacket. It was sweet when she said it, but as I was typing it seemed like animal cruelty! No puppies were harmed to make this jacket.

Doesn't she look grown up? Her legs and her hair just keep growing. She has become a real pain about being still to have her hair combed. Sometimes I want to get her a short haircut with bangs.

We have had a couple of really big snows. Like 6-8 inch snows.