Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Brody is Here!

My niece Kayla gave birth to Brody on November 20, just a few minutes after midnight. He is such a beautiful baby, just under 7 lbs and 20 inches long. He is soooo tiny, it feels like you are holding nothing. They Kayla was fantastic and I am so proud of her, she handled labor like a champ! Terri (aka Nana) is over the moon. We were all anxious to see what Grace would think about him, she has been everyone's baby since we came home. We went to see Brody yesterday when they came home. We have been talking about Brody (or as Grace says Bodie) trying to prepare her for the meeting. I was so proud. She didn't even mind when Nanny and Pappy held him and that is a big deal. Congratulations Kayla and Jody! Meet my new nephew...

Kayla and Brody, isn't she beautiful and on the day she gave birth!

My nephew Brody

Nanny showing Grace her new cousin!

Pappy inspecting Brody. This kid has the longest toes and biggest feet I have ever seen!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Whats been happening...

  • Grace now has a big girl bed. She had absolutely no trouble transitioning from a baby bed to a full bed. She is loving having lots of room.

  • Constantly amazes me the things she says. She and I were going out the door the other day and she said "Ellie (our dog) stay here." They really do pay attention.

  • Still working on potty training

  • School is going well. I have an A in 5 of my classes and 1 B.

  • Had fun on Halloween. Even though I was running like I had my hair on fire! Didn't feed my daughter until 8pm. Thank goodness we had candy to see us through.
    • One of Grace's first words was duck. I have no idea why, but it always amazed how she pronounced it perfectly. She likes those hard, definite sounds like k and t. Whenever she sings Old McDonald she does duck over and over. She has many ducks that accompany her in the bath. She has many, many stuffed ducks as well. Well I thought it was appropriate...

      Have you ever seen such a cute duck?

      She ALWAYS thinks her Pappy is hilarioussssss.
      But he was really funny with her duck head on.