Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Two Girls

Gracie and Ellie were sleeping on the couch together Saturday night. I took this one right before I carried Grace to bed.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

I hate it when my bath starts to get cool. Grace however doesn't seem to mind. In this picture sheis cracking up at herself. She kept turning on the cold water to play in it as it ran from the faucet. I have the hot fixed where she can't turn it on, so her bath kept getting colder and colder.

Feeding herself has proven to be great fun for Grace.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Drama, Drama, Drama

I haven't posted in a while because I hate to post without pictures. This update needs no pictures, just imagination. I know that I have posted before about Grace's tendency to "fake" an injury to get her way, to get picked up, etc. This is no longer a tendency, it is a way of life. Seriously - she tried it at least three or four times before I left for work this morning! I am raising a drama queen. She understands that the head bump always gets attention. Some examples of her devestating injuries are:
  • When she falls on her thickly diapered butt and immediately rubs her forehead and looks to you for a response.
  • When Grace is STARVED for attention she will tap her head on/with something. Sometimes she will tap her head on the chair arm and other times she will use her sippy cup to tap her forehead. She is shameless when she does this. She will look you straight in the eye, tap the sippy cup on her head and her hand immediately goes to her forehead. Next the arms go in the air reaching for you.

How does you deal with this one? I am trying to deal by telling her "Grace you are not hurt and Mommy is not going to pick you up." The head injury ploy is also a favorite when she is in trouble. Then there is my mother who says "I am picking that baby up when she holds her arms up." What a sucker.

Anyone else raising a drama queen?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Grace Has Been Sick

On Sunday afternoon Grace woke up from her nap with a temp of 102. Her nose had been running for a couple of weeks, but so had everyone elses. Other the the fever she showed no signs of illness. We battled high temps, up to 105, all night. Before you panic Grace, like her momma, tends to run VERY high temps when she is sick. Monday morning we went to see Dr. Amy. She was surprised to see us, Grace has only been sick once before.

Grace had a very, very red throat and a RAGING ear infection in her left ear, the right looked perfect. She not only had an ear infections, there was pus behind the ear drum. This child had not tugged on her ear once. She had not exhibited any signs of illness until the fever. She got a big, bad shot and ten days of oral antibiotics. When I say bad shot, I mean bad shot. Has anybody ever had a shot of Rocephin? I had never heard of it. My sister in law, who works at a clinic, said that she had seen grown men with tears in their eyes after having a shot of Rocephin. It is very painful as it works it's way into your system.

Poor little Grace was hurting so bad. Grace only cries when she is faking it or she is truly uncomfortable/in pain. She cried her eyes out for an hour after the shot was given. I have never wanted to take her out of her car seat so badly. All I could do was put my arms around her.

She battled temps Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday night her temp went up to 105. Motrin/Tylenol wasn't helping. I bathed her with cold cloths and it finally went down. Wednesday her fever broke. Not being able to help your child is the worst. I can't believe that there were no signs that she was sick. My girl is tough.

Grace is on the mend and has had no fever for two days. I pray all signs of infection are gone by the time she finished the antibiotic.