Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diving Back In

Ok I have not posted for three months. Facebook made me lazy. Then when I would think about posting I would just put it off. It had already been so long what did another day make. So this may be a weird, rambling post. But my hope is that if I get that first post done, the others will come easier.

What has Gracie doing? Here are a few things...
  • She has had a tremendous growth spurt. One day I noticed her sleeves and pants were looking too short. It seemed to happen all of the sudden. When I measured her she had grown 2 1/2 inches in 5 months! Grace is now 39 inches tall. I haven't weighed her in a while but I would guess she is between 30-35 lbs.
  • Just before Christmas we went to visit my friend Karen and her daughter Reilly. Reilly's daddy stopped in for about 10 minutes at lunch to pick up something he had forgotten that morning. Scott is normally at work when we visit. Since that day she has had this obsession with daddies. She is always telling me who someone's daddy is or asking me who that person's daddy is. And I mean constantly. Then she'll say "My daddy is Pappy." This is really breaking my heart. I know that she has more fantastic male figures in her life than many little girls and I know she is better off than if she had a "dead beat dad." But it still makes me sad knowing that this is obviously something that she is very, very aware of. I didn't know this day would come so soon.
  • Grace still loves music better than anything. Her favorite toys are her piano, drums, and keyboard. She loved her guitar but it sincerely drove me crazy so I hid it. She sings all the time. She remembers lyrics and sings in tune too.

I don't want to tire myself out on my first post so here are some recent pics I took. She calls this her puppy dog jacket. It was sweet when she said it, but as I was typing it seemed like animal cruelty! No puppies were harmed to make this jacket.

Doesn't she look grown up? Her legs and her hair just keep growing. She has become a real pain about being still to have her hair combed. Sometimes I want to get her a short haircut with bangs.

We have had a couple of really big snows. Like 6-8 inch snows.


Mom2J&I said...

nice to see you! (I think Facebook has made most of us really "blog-lazy".)
And 39 inches! wow! She is just beautiful, btw.

Kelli said...

She is getting so big!