Monday, February 25, 2013

A Ride in the Ambulance - August 2011

The morning was a pretty typical summer day. At about 10 am we were getting ready to get in the pool. Grace was standing by her bed about to put on her swim suit. And she threw up.

She immediately became lethargic and that really scared me. I took her to the clinic. She laid in Sheila's lap and was unresponsive. So I headed to the hospital. Mom drove while I sat in the back fighting to keep Grace conscious. When we got out of the car you could smell burning rubber from the tires.

She got sink again inside and the took her back. The first thing they did was try to take. Lethargy OVER. She was immediately alert and did not want her blood taken. After six nurses trying with me holding her down they finally got it. That was the first trauma of the day. Dr comes and says it could be appendicitis . He wants to get a CT scan. She is not having that. After a shot of Valium she is still not having that.

Then he says I am going to consult with a pediatrician we have never seen and a surgeon. WHOA! I tell him to call her dr in Jackson and Dr Amy tells him not to touch her. Put her in an ambulance to Jackson. She plays with my phone on the way to Jackson. The ambulance guy gave me the best explanation. Her blood pressure probably dropped when she got sick. The rush of adrenaline that came when they stuck her with a needle fixed things.

We got to Jackson and she was asking for something to eat because she hadn't had anything all day. The dr said if she can keep juice down she can go home. At 9 p.m. we were at Cracker Barrel.

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