Tuesday, March 05, 2013

The Flu

We almost made it through flu season without getting sick.  Almost.  Last Saturday night Grace had fever.  Sunday morning we got up and no fever.  She seemed fine.  So we went to church.  During the sermon she got really still and then her fever shot up.  As soon as pastor was finished, we headed for home.  102 and climbing.  This would be the case for the next several days.

Monday morning called Children's Clinic and after talking to the nurse, I agreed that it was most likely viral. She acted like she felt fine.  Around lunch her fever began to climb.  Grace has always had very, very high fevers.  The highest was 107 during a nasty ear infection.  Well her temp didn't get that high, but it got up to 104.5.  And I had trouble getting it down.  It took Tylenol and Motrin together to get her fever down.  Put another call in to the clinic.  Dr. Amy was booked, so I left a message for the on call nurse.  Then the fever wouldn't come down.  I did what always works with her...put cold washcloths under her arms.  She was crying so hard and so was I.

Saw the doctor on call who tested her for the flu.  Positive.  Prescription in hand, we set off in search of Tamiflu.  Two pharmacies and two hours later, we have Tamiflu and are ready to head home.  That was Monday.  Her fever became manageable, so I went back to work on Thursday.  I felt so bad leaving her.  I really felt bad on Friday at lunch.  I called to check on her and asked to talk to her.  She began to cry and begged me to come home.  Thankfully it was in service day and there were no students.  Because I blubbered like a big baby.

Her fever finally broke Friday night.  She is still so exhausted and is falling asleep by 7pm.

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